Clos des Marettes

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A Client's Journey

I had set my heart on a traditional Jersey country cottage, so it was a brave decision on my part, to go with a German prefabricated build, with an English timber conservatory and porch attached.

Building your own home, I soon discovered, can be a pretty traumatic experience and with plans to have my old bungalow demolished and all the ground works and foundations necessary before delivery of the house, I realised that I was going to need a good and reliable team of local builders on board to help see me though this project.

I chose Houze Construction Ltd because of their great reputation and they didn’t disappoint. Not only with all the preparation work before the build but they also finished the roof with traditional slated dormer windows, in keeping with the old Jersey style of building. They were excellent at liaising with both the German and English companies on my behalf to help me achieve my dream home.

I would not hesitate to recommend Houze Construction Ltd to anyone attempting a similar project.

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